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Dashboard Analytics makes it easy to explore, visualize, and manage data for your odoo—Easy to learn, doesn't take much time to get started!

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Make a Beautiful Dashboard

Dashboards that are easy to create, share and explore. Chart position is very dynamic, you can move, resize,
edit, and we can zoom in on the visual graph to see specific data in detail.


Izi Analytics
Dashboard & KPI

Meet Analytic Dashboard. Analyze with Advanced Calculation.  Visualize with Beautiful Charts .

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Easily set the metrics and dimension

All the fields from the analysis table will appear in the left pane. We can easily set up metrics and dimensions by clicking on them.

We can also set the order (ascending or descending), the calculations applied to the metrics, and the format for each dimension.

Dynamic Filter

Filters can be dynamically added in analysis to make data exploration easier. You can still set it in the dashboard view, at the top right of the chart.

Data Source

Extract data from various data sources, not only Odoo. Currently, we have data source connectors to External PostgreSQL and MySQL Databases.


Unlock the power query Editor

Working with something really complex? No problem—there's a full editor for customizing SQL yourself. If you want to change the Query data, you can edit the analysis and enter the query in the editor.

User Interface

The analytic view follow the common UI used by the best analytic platforms in the world.

Clean And Modern Chart

Using free version of amChart, a beautiful, modern chart library used by big companies.

Query Editor

Editor to input query directly to databse tables. We can get the data we need effectively and efficently.

Metric and Dimension

Easily set the metrics and dimensions of our analysis by clicking all available fields on the left panel.

Ready Analysis Template

Ready analysis templates will be available for non technical users. Download Free Sales Analysis Template

Connect to External Data Source

Data source connectors are available to access external databases, files, and APIs.

Dynamic Filters

Filters can be dynamically added in analysis to make data exploration easier.

Dashboard Customization

Dashboard layout can be configured easily and there are several options for dashboard themes.

Let's start the system and join the future

What are you waiting for, do your data analytics now, determine your business decisions for the future of your company by conducting data research with the izi analytics dashboard. Let's Start!

Analytics Dashboard.

Want to customize the next level of data visualization according to your business ?